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Opening - Usage Agreement and Privacy Policy

The browsing and usage of the platform TeamMate (AKA: "The System") upholds your consent to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as detailed (AKA: "The Terms") and for every condition or limitation involving browsing the platform and using the system. Please read the terms carfully, as the usage of the system stands as your consent to them.
If you decide to use the platform, you consent to any data we may collect by this terms of use. The service provider is committed to your rights of privacy and will not expose personal information provided by you, without confirmation.
Pleas be aware that the platform may contain links to third-party providers (sites / apps / platforms), this document is not inclusive to those providers. TeamMate is not responsible for the policy of the providers either the clients behaviour outside of the platform boundaries.
You may / should review the polices and terms while using the providers outside of the platform's scope. The usage of the system / app are subjected to reading the Terms of Use.

1. Terms & Definitions

1.1 "Service Provider" - TeamMate of house Octa-Code.

1.2 "The Platform" - The app / web app serving the infromation to the clients by their preferences.

1.3 "Platform Contents" - Text, audio files, videos, images and any other document found on the platform.

1.4 "Client" - Any person who browses / uses the services provided or the platform.

2. Confidentiality & Access to Information

2.1 The service provider will do her best to maintain confidently the information given by the clients to the service provider. Nonetheless, the service provider does not have the confidence to retain in an absolute matter the potential breeches to the system provider's servers by unauthorized factors and exposing the information by third party entities. The client will not have any claim, demand to the service provider if the information has been used / exposed on the matter described above.

2.2 The service provider will not transfer the information given by the client to third party entities, except the following:

2.2.1 Justice duty stands for handing over the information. This case will provide onl the details included in this duty.

2.2.2 To allow the client to proper use of the services provided by the platform (Ex: Passing Email address, acceptance of emails, sales, data analytics and more).

2.2.3 To improve and benefit the contents and services provided by the service provider.

2.2.4 For the platform proper process and development.

2.3 Giving the information during registration and approving the terms of use stands as clear consent from the client to every use detailed on the terms of use regarding information usage and rights. Among passing the infor to third party entities as described on the terms, and to use the information to interest her clients with the platform different activities.

2.4 For the platform proper use, some of the client information is automatically saved and collected. Information like IP address and visited contents in order to benefit the clients exprience and the evolvement of the platform.

3. Minors' Privacy Protection

3.1 The service provider is well aware of children's privacy in the interactive world. The platfrom is not intended to target anyone younger then 13 years of age.

4. International Transfer of Information

4.1 Our servers are divided to multiple locations over the world, in order to optimize the operations used on the platform. Therefore, the information used on this platform might be transferred internationally.

4.2 By using the platform you consent to any information you provide by the platform, to be held at our servers, without any geographic restriction.

5. Changes to this Privacy Policy / Other

5.1 The service provider is allowed to modify the terms of use from time to time, while providing a proper message on the platform. The usage continuation after the message stands as a consent from the client to the updated terms of use.

5.2 The updated terms of use will apply parallel to their prompt.

5.3 Feel free to contact us by any questions / inquiries about the information we collect and use at: team@octa-code.com

Last Update: August 2019